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Message ID: 50     Entry time: Wed Jul 20 09:02:08 2016
Author: Jared 
Type: Other 
Category: ELOG 
Subject: Basics of the ELOG 

The ELOG is located on Marco Cavaglia's computer under the usr/local/elog-3.1.1 directory, which also houses the wiki, on the second floor in room 203A and is nearest to the door. The software can be found at

After downloading the file from the midas website, it must be started on a port. The port that it currently is running on is port 8079. If the computer gets restarted or the ELOG crashes it may be necessary to unbind this port, and then restart this program. 

The accounts can be given to people using the interface on the website. The administrator can log in with his or her information and click on the "config" tab. Alternatively, the config file on the computer can be edited manually on the computer upstairs at usr/local/elog-3.1.1/elogd.cfg

The admin can do most of the administrative duties under this tab, such as add/remove users, changing passwords etc. 

Under the config file on the computer, the admin can also rename the logbook, and change the visual styles of the elog as well. 


The most common questions that I ran in to are listed below. 

How to add/remove new users?
The admin can add users via the config tab on the ELOG page.

Self register?

The line "Self register = 1" in the configuration file to allow new users to register themselves.

How to add new categories?
New categories can be added in the configuration file in the line "categories ="

How to make logbook with public read access but restricted write access?

By adding the guest menu command in the configuration file this is easily done. Without providing a username guests only see the guest menu commands. 
"Guest menu commands = Find, Last 10, Login, Help"

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