Past Team Members

Shivaraj Kandhasamy Shivaraj was a post-doc working on data analysis, detector characterization and commissioning of advanced LIGO at the Louisiana Laboratory site. He served as detector characterization co-lead for the Photon Calibrator (PCal) and the Thermal Compensation System (TCS) of Advanced LIGO. As part of calibration group, Shivaraj worked on quantifying calibration uncertainties for Advanced LIGO's observing runs.
Shivaraj Kandhasamy
Hunter Gabbard Hunter was an undergraduate student in physics at the UM Sally-Barksdale Honors College. He worked with Marco on detector characterization and software development for Advanced LIGO. In summer 2014 he spent 10 weeks at LAL/Orsay, near Paris France, working with Florent Robinet. In summer 2015 he spent 10 weeks at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, working with the LIGO group at the Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy. He is the author of the "Terramon" monitor for seismic events at the LIGO sites. He is now a Fulbright fellow at the Albert Einstein Institute in Hannover, Germany.
Hunter Gabbard
Jared Wofford Jared Wofford was a senior undergraduate physics student at the University of Mississippi. He worked with Dr. Kate Dooley on building a tilt-free seismometer for Advanced LIGO. He is now a graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
Jared Wofford
John Rock John was a gradute student who worked on detector characterization of advanced LIGO subsystems (August 2014 - November 2015).
John Rock
Olmo Cerri Olmo was an undergraduate student at the Normal University of Pisa. Her worked on detector characterization for Advanced LIGO during the summer 2014 at the LIGO Livingston site with Shivaraj.
Olmo Cerri
Vitor Cardoso Vitor is Adjunct Professor at Ole Miss and faculty at the Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon, Portugal. He was LSC member from 2007 to 2014. His LSC work focused on Data Analysis and outreach.
Vitor Cardoso
Alexander Dietz Post-doctoral Associate (August 2011-June 2012). Alex worked mainly on externally triggered gamma ray burst searches, Advanced LIGO development and outreach.
Alexander Dietz
Jocelyn Read Post-doctoral Associate (August 2010-July 2012). Jocelyn's main focus was on numerical relativity, gravitational-wave signal processing and outreach. She was supported under Dr. Berti's NSF awards PHY-0900735 and PHY-1055103.
Jocelyn Read
Brooke Rankins Master's student (August 2008-December 2011). Brooke worked on Detector Characterization with Marco and helped with several recent public outreach project of the Ole Miss LIGO team. She successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis "DQTunePipe: A set of Python tools for LIGO detector characterization" in December 2011.
Brooke Rankins
Cody Arceneaux Master's student (August 2012 - July 2015). Cody worked on detector characterization of advanced LIGO subsystems and LIGO software development. He defended his M.SC thesis "FScan Code Development for LIGO Detector Characterization" in July 2015.
Cody Arceneaux
Jun-Qi Guo Graduate student (August 2005- June 2008). Jun-Qi worked on Detector Characterization at the Louisiana LIGO laboratory in Livingston (LA) and on Data Analysis.
Jun-Qi Guo
Jericho Cain Graduate student (August 2008-March 2010). Jericho worked on Detector Characterization and helped with outreach. From December 2008 to February 2009 he partecipated to the Astrowatch program at the LIGO Lab in Hanford, WA.
Jericho Cain
Giovanni Rabuffo In summer 2013, Giovanni was a Master's student at the University of Pisa, Italy. He worked at UM as REU student on aLIGO detector characterization.
Giovanni Rabuffo
Domizia Chericoni In 2012, Domizia was an undergraduate student at the University of Pisa, Italy. During that summer, she studied the fractal nature of initial LIGO noise.
Domizia Chericoni
Ale, Fabrizia and Enrico In 2011, Alessandro, Fabrizia and Enrico were undergraduate students at the University of Parma (Alessandro) and Naples (Fabrizia and Enrico), Italy. They worked at Ole Miss for 10 weeks in the summer. Alessandro and Enrico worked on two projects of Gamma Ray Bursts. Fabrizia worked on detector characterization. Alessandro is now a graduate student at the University of Chicago. Enrico's work has been published in ApJ: Carlo Enrico Petrillo et al. 2013 ApJ 767 140.
Manzotti (left)
Fabrizia Canfora (center)
Enrico Petrillo (right)
Michele Mancarella In summer 2010, Michele was a freshman undergraduate student at the University of Pisa, Italy. He worked at Ole Miss for 8 weeks on Detector Characterization.
Michele Mancarella
Laura Torino In 2010, Laura was a junior undergraduate student at the University of Pisa, Italy. Like Michele, she worked at Ole Miss for 8 weeks on Detector Characterization.
Laura Torino