Current Team Members

Marco Cavaglià Marco works on Data Analysis within the LSC Compact Binary Coalescence group and on Detector Characterization. In January 2012 he was appointed Assistant Spokesperson of the LSC. He is the past LSC co-chair of the LSC-Virgo Diversity Group and past chair of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration Education and Public Outreach (EPO) group. In 2007-08 Marco was visiting scientist at the Livingston Laboratory for 18 months and again for 3 months in 2015. You may contact him at:
Marco Cavaglià
Katherine Dooleyy Kate is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy and co-leader of the UM-LIGO group. She is an experimental gravitational-wave physicist and has been a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration since 2007. Kate has spent a total of 7 years at the LIGO and GEO600 sites, building and improving the detectors. She is currently developing new instrumentation and experimental techniques to improve the sensitivity of the Advanced LIGO detectors. This includes work in the field of quantum optics for integrating a squeezed light source to the interferometers and in seismic isolation through the design and construction of a tilt-free seismometer. You may contact her at:
Katherine Dooley
Shivaraj Kandhasamy Shivaraj is a post-doc working on data analysis, detector characterization and commissioning of advanced LIGO at the Louisiana Laboratory site. He is the detector characterization co-lead for the Photon Calibrator (PCal) and the Thermal Compensation System (TCS) of Advanced LIGO. As part of calibration group, Shivaraj works on quantifying calibration uncertainties for Advanced LIGO's observing runs. You may contact him at:
Shivaraj Kandhasamy
Mohammad Afrough Mohammad is a graduate student in physics at the University of Mississippi. He works on experimental techniques to build a suspended seismometer that attenuates the tilt motion in horizontal measurements, and to improve the interferometers' sensitivity to gravitational waves. You may contact him at:
Mohammad Afrough
Hunter Gabbard Hunter is a senior undergraduate student in physics at the UM Sally-Barksdale Honors College. He works on detector characterization and software development for Advanced LIGO. In summer 2014 he spent 10 weeks at LAL/Orsay, near Paris France, working with Florent Robinet. In summer 2015 he spent 10 weeks at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, working with the LIGO group at the Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy. He is the author of the "Terramon" monitor for seismic events at the LIGO sites. You may contact him at:
Hunter Gabbard
Jared Wofford Jared Wofford is a senior undergraduate physics student at the University of Mississippi. He works with Dr. Kate Dooley on building a tilt-free seismometer for Advanced LIGO.
Jared Wofford
Daniele Trifirò Daniele is an UM visiting scholar and master's student at the University of Pisa, Italy. He is working with Marco on new methods for data analysis and detector characterization of Advanced LIGO. He is the author of "PCAT", a python-based pipeline built to detect, characterize and classify short-lived noise transients in the LIGO interferometers' auxiliary channels. PCAT is currently running daily on both LIGO interferometers, producing data and daily summaries about the status of the interferometers. You may learn more about PCAT in arXiv:1505.01299.
Daniele Trifiro
Camillo and Olmo Camillo is a masters student at the University of Pisa. In support of his masters thesis, Camilo is currently working on the development of a tilt-free seismometer for Advanced LIGO. During Fall 2014 Camilo spent 10 weeks at the LIGO Livingston site working on detector characterization.
Camillo Cocchieri