-- KentaroMogushi - 20 Oct 2016

Reproducing DQ shift of LHO though 26th to 30th in Nov in 2015.

Real DQ shift by Laura Nuttall

DQ Shift - LHO - 26th - 29th Nov

DQ shifter: Kentaro Mogushi
Email: kentaro.mougushi@ligo.org


  • duty cycle 67% for 4 days
  • glichtches - higher due to eathquake in 26th - 27th, due to ETMV saturation on 28th and dut to tidal limit. Then there was initial alignment and ALS issue on 29th.
  • strange curve in PCALY RX PD through 26th - 28th
  • in general no BBH/BNS SNR > 8, except for 26th and 29th

Thursday 26th

  • Lock was contiunuing for about 21 hours since the previouse day when the lock loss started.
  • Three time lock occured.
  • The futy cycle was ~19 hours (~79%) in total, 75-80 Mpc on average.
  • The first lock loss occured at 6 UTC due to an earhquake an earhquake from Brazil. The cause of 2nd one is unsure at 16:45UTC
  • Glitch rate slightly increases from 2nd lock where glitch is ~10 Hz.
  • The first lockloss due to the earthquake

Detcher Tab
  • BBC - one trigger with new SNR > 8 at ~13:10 UTC
  • BNS- all triggers with new SNR < 8
  • Hveto ran only on the first lock

Friday 27th


  • 2 lock: ~17.3 hours (72%) in total.
  • 2 lockloss, first one occurs at ~5:30 UTC but no earthquake, unlear cause, the cause of the second one at ~19:45 UTC is unclear then a bunch of earthquake afterward, leading to lockloss .
  • The dampling at ~13:45 appear to be caused by the saturation in OMC.

  • Gritch rate slightly increases at 12 , 14UTC
  • at 12UTC there was scarttering from PRM
  • at 14UTC, there is seismic motion seen by PSL periscope

  • at 18UTC, there is BBH trigger

Detcher tab
  • No software saturations were found
  • Both BBH and BNS - all new SNR < 8

DQ Flags

Saturday 28th

  • 1 lock 22.8 hours (~95%) started at ~0:45 UTC. ~80 Mpc untill~ 20:00 UTC, then dropping down to ~75 Mpc at 21:00 UTC, increasing at ~ 80 Mpc at 22:00 UTC.
  • 1 lockloss since previous day.
  • ETMY Saturation SUS E_T_M_Y at 04:38, 06:15 and 07:44 UTC. But not significnt so that it can be observing.

Detchar Tab
  • No software saturations were found
  • scattering page missing
  • Both BBH and BNS - all new SNR < 8
DQ flags

Sunday 29th


  • At 6UTC, there was scattering around 20-25Hz

Detchar Tab DQ flags

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