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DQ shift

  • overall summary of DQ shift in wiki
  • What to do
    1. see DQ shift volunteer list
    2. complete the telecon training
    3. reproduce the trial two DQ shift at least with data of the past date by looking at summary page and elog in LHO LLO and report to Laura Nuttall (laura.nuttall@ligo.org) and Jess McIver (jessica.mciver@ligo.org)
    4. shadow DQ shift, do DQ shift behind the real DQ shift
    5. conduct DQ shift with a mentor
      1. walk through past DQ shift report
      2. manage for the daily meeting for a mentor and fellows in LHO (lho-fellows@ligo-wa.caltech.edu) or LLO (llo-fellows@ligo-la.caltech.edu)
      3. see the summary page and alog and talk with a mentor and fellow daily. if you find something strange, report them quickly
    6. make the report
    7. present in the Detchar meeting either on Monday or Thursday
    8. report DQ shift in alog
      1. Now to post an alog, go to the LHO alogs:


        and click 'log in' in the top right hand corner

        Then click on the 3rd label in the left called 'add report'

        For the title put 'DQ Shift: Thursday 8th 00:00 UTC - Sunday 11th 23:59 UTC'

        In the section click 'H1'

        In the primary task click 'general'

        Out of the 24 boxes click 'detchar' only

        Then in the big blank space copy and past your summary with a link to the detchar wiki where your report is house. Something like this:

        The full report can be found on the detchar wiki: https://wiki.ligo.org/DetChar/DataQuality/DQShiftLHO20161208

        Below I summarize the main highlights of this shift:

        • duty cycle 65.2%, the range is 70 - 75Mpc.
        • on Thursday 8th lockloss due to multiple earthquakes keeping occuring to morning on Friday
        • Software saturation - H1:LSC-X_ARM_CTRL [1] at ~11:00UTC on Thursday 8th
        • 18kHz PI modes strong peak at 11:07UTC and 12:10UTC on Thursday 8th, at ~8:00UTC, ~ 9:00UTC, ~ 10:30UTC and at ~12:30 on Friday 9th.
        • the planned stochastic injection at 00:10UTC Thursday 8th
        • quiet on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th
After this look for the button at the bottom named 'post to logbook'
follow up if neccessary
  • exaples - Laura Nuttall ones are always good.
    • Monday 7th November 00:00 UTC - Wednesday 9th November 23:59 UTC in LLO Laura Nuttall
    • Thursday 8th December 00:00 UTC - Sunday 11th December 23:59 UTC in LHO by Kentaro Mogushi
    • Monday 16th January 00:00 UTC - Wednesday 18th January 23:59 UTC in LHO by Kentaro Mogushi
    • Monday 30th January 00:00 UTC - Wednesday 1st February 23:59 UTC in LLO by Kentaro Mogushi
    • Monday 13th February 00:00 UTC - Wednesday 15th February 23:59 UTC in LHO by Kentaro Mogushi
    • Monday 27th February 00:00 UTC - Wednesday 1st March 23:59 UTC in LLO by Kentaro Mogushi
    • Monday 3rd April 00:00 UTC - Wednesday 5th April 23:59 UTC in LLO by Kentaro Mogushi
    • Monday 17th April 00:00 UTC - Wednesday 19th April 23:59 UTC LLO by Kentaro Mogushi
    • Monday 24th April 00:00 UTC - Wednesday 26th April 23:59 UTC LHO by Kentaro Mogushi
    • Thursday 13th July 00:00 UTC - Sunday 16th July 23:59 UTC LHO by Kentaro Mogushi
    • Thursday 20th July 00:00 UTC - Sunday 23th July 23:59 UTC LHO by Kentaro Mogushi
  • technical term abbreviatons
  • useful link
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